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ساخت خوابگاه دانشجویی با استفاده از کانینر و سیلو های پنجاه ساله گندم

ساخت خوابگاه دانشجویی با استفاده از کانینر و سیلو های پنجاه ساله گندم

Must see: Developer stacks shipping containers atop grain silos to create student housing tower


Mill Junction will house up to 370 students and is supported by 50-year-old grain silos.


In a different take on shipping container student housing from Christian Salvati's work in Connecticut, a new student development has just opened to tenants in South Africa.

In less than a year, developer Cintiq built a 15-story structure, using pre-existing concrete grain silos and shipping containers. Mill Junction will house 370 Johnnesburg students, providing rooftop decks and free WiFi. 

Gizmodo reports that the basis of the structure, the approximately 50-year-old silos, sat empty for years. They were retrofitted with floors, dorm rooms, and windows as a part of the process. The development is also wheelchair accessible reports The Citizen

A massive crane lifted the shipping containers onto the silos, and the final step was to decorate the containers' interior.